Item Conditions

Starting May 2024, Mandarake will implement a 10-point rating scale for all items regardless of the category.
Please refer to the chart below for details regarding each item's conditions.

10 (Mint)

Items labled as "10" would mean that essentially, the item in the best possible condition it can be, resembling its original state when it was first produced or released, and is highly desirable among collectors and enthusiasts.

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9 (Excellent)

Items labled as "9" is in very good shape overall, with minor imperfections.
The imperfections do not significantly affect its appearance or functionality. A well-cared-for item that retains its value and appeal.

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8 (Great)

Items labled as "8" is well-maintained and fully functional, with minor wear that do not significantly detract from its overall appeal. This level of condition represents a good balance between quality and affordability for buyers looking for dependable and reasonably preserved items.

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7 (Good)

Items labled as "7" is usable and functional but may exhibit some noticeable wear, cosmetic flaws, or moderate signs of age compaired to condition 8. Despite these imperfections, it still serves its intended purpose and represents a cost-effective option for buyers seeking value and utility.

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6 (Average)

Items labled as "6" is functional but shows significant wear, cosmetic flaws, or functional limitations that may require attention or repair. It represents a lower-cost option for buyers seeking affordability and are willing to overlook cosmetic imperfections.

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5 (Decent)

Items labled as "5" is functional but shows moderate wear, cosmetic flaws, or minor functional limitations. It represents a cost-effective option for buyers seeking affordability.

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4 (Fair)

Items labled as "4" is worn, has cosmetic flaws, and may have noticeable functional issues that require attention. It represents a budget-friendly option for buyers.

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3 (Acceptable)

Items labled as "3" is functional but heavily worn, with noticeable cosmetic flaws and potential functional issues that require attention. It is suitable for buyers seeking affordable options and who are comfortable with the item's condition as-is.

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2 (Mediocre)

An item labeled as "2" condition exhibits noticeable wear and cosmetic flaws, along with functional issues that require attention. It is a budget-friendly option suitable for buyers who prioritize affordability and are willing to accept the item's condition without expecting it to be functional.

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1 (Poor)

An item labeled as "1" is heavily worn, damaged, or non-functional, presenting significant challenges for buyers. It requires careful consideration and understanding of its condition, as well as the potential for limited use or display without further investment or expertise. Buyers interested in poor condition items should be prepared for its limitations and potential for additional care or attention.

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Last Updated: 1 May 2023