NOTICE: 3D Secure security protocol will be required for all credit card payments.

Starting from September 2015, an extra layer of security for all credit card payments will be implemented. All Visa and MasterCard users will now required to pass 3D Secure authentication before completing any payments.

3D Secure is security protocol which ties the financial authorization process with an online authentication. In order to use the service, please check the following:
- Your current credit card is supporting 3D Secure.
- Pre-registration is required on your credit card provider's official website.
This 3D Secure protocol prevents unauthorized payments of stolen cards, etc. When making the payment, you'll be ask for some kind of password depending on your credit card's brand.
If you card is not supporting this 3D Secure, you will not able to complete the payment.

* 3D Secure is a general term for protocol security service.
Visa: Verified by Visa
MasterCard: MasterCard SecureCode
JCB: J/Secure
* If you have already registered, you do not need to take any extra action.
* If you have not yet registered with Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, or J/Secure,
you'll need to register and activate it in advance.
For more details, please contact your credit card provider.