Pictorial record Shingo Araki Shingo Araki retrospective exhibition pictorial record A pupil and soul

281mm x 209mm x 30mm / 1670g
8,500 yen

A pictorial record that was sold during "Retrospective Exhibition of SHINGO ARAKI" held in Akihabara, year 2012. Large volume of 380 pages. Covering work from 1960 of the graphic novel era, up to 2011.

Posted artwork is, Kimba the White Lion, Star of the Giants, Tomorrow's Joe, Akado SuzunoSuke, Babel II, Cutie Honey, Witch Meg-chan, Shonen Tokugawa Ieyasu, UFO Robo Grendizer, Wakusei Robo Danguard Ace, New Star of the Giants, Hana no Ko Lunlun, The Rose of Versailles, Ulysses 31, Lupin VIII, Saint Seiya, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, GeGeGe no Kitaro, Kindaichi Case Files, Ring ni Kakero.

In particular, many gengas on Saint Seiya, The Rose of Versailles, Ulysses 31.

Exhibition is the reason why this pictorial record made it with many works that is hard to go around the market due to copyrights.

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