MANDARAKE TOUR in Nakano Store

Welcome to Mandarake! Let me tell you a few things about this tour. It doesn't matter if it is your first trip to our store or you are a regular customer already. On this very special tour, I will reveal interesting facts, show you rare items and introduce you to the dark corners of Mandarake that you have never seen before! We have prepared costumes of famous anime and manga characters, so you can have fun with cosplay while enjoying our tour! If you have your own costume - bring it too! Lets explore Mandarake together! All those who wish to participate in the Mandarake tour, please fill the following form with your full name, e-mail address and telephone number. Press "Submit" at the bottom of this page and once the application is complete, I will contact you soon!

My name is Saya and I will be your guide today! When I first came to Mandarake, I was just the usual Naruto fan. After one year of working in Mandarake, my collection grew so big that I had to buy my own showcase so all my Naruto figures could find a place. I also collect Naruto manga, but since the very first issue of Naruto in Shonen Jump Magazine costs around 100 USD, I bought a second-volume for just 3USD in Mandarake! But maybe, someday...(laughs) Now I'm collecting Haikyuu!! figures and there's already no space for them. I have never thought I would become like this... Mandarake is incredible!


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Now, during our Mandarake international tour, you can get original goods! For all the members who guess the right answers in a quiz, we will give these special Mandarake badges! There is also a secret version badge, so try to find out what it looks like!