Auction Help - My Page

Some of the features of the mail order My Page and the auction My Page are a little different. Here we look at what you can do on the auction My Page. Click here for the mail order My Page guide.
● Go to the auction My Page

1. Edit Registered / Edit Registered Information

View / Update Registered Email Address
Here you can confirm and update email address.

View / Update Registered Information
This is where you can update your account details such as your address and phone number.

Password Setting
Click here to update your password. Remember to use a strong password that cannot be guessed easily.

2. Authentication

Participate in the Mandarake Auction (Credit Card Authentication)
This is where you can authorise your account to use our Everyday Auction and Big Web Auction. You need to use your credit card, but no charges will be made.

Participate in the Big Web Auction
Here you can pay the participation fee to bid in the Big Web Auction. Remember that you do not need to pay the participation fee if you buy the latest copy or have a current subscription to the Mandarake Zenbu catalog.

3. Search History

Your previous search terms are stored here so you can quickly look for similar items in the future. Your most recent search terms are at the top of the list. You can clear this list at any time by clicking on "Clear Search History".

4. Alert

Sometimes you'll want an item that is not yet available on our auction. Here you can set up an email notification to let you know when your favorite items become available.

Making a New Alert
If you have not set up any alerts, you will see "RULE NOT REGISTERED" from the drop down box.
Click the "Edit Rules" button to go to the "Rule List", where you can make your alerts.
Click on the "Create New Rule" button.
Give your rule a name, such as "Dragon Ball Search", and tick the E-mail Notification box.
Add the keywords you want to search, and the categories you want the alert to cover.
Click "Save". That's it. Now you'll get an email notification when items that match these keywords and categories come in stock.
Not only that, any items that currently match this rule will be displayed on the Alert menu.

Editting an Alert
If you need to alter your alert, first click on the "Edit Rules button".
Select the rule you wish to change by directly clicking on the name.
Now you can add more keywords or categories, or delete keywords or categories. You can also remove the email notification option.
Click "Save" when you have finished.

Deleting an Alert
If you wish to alter your alert, first click on the "Edit Rules button".
You can delete any rules by clicking the "Delete" button in the same row.
Please bear in mind that once deleted, alerts cannot be recovered and would have to be re-created.

5. Watch

Here is a list of the auctions you have placed on your watch list. If you want to receive a notification email about the auctions you are watching, please click the "Watch Email Notifications" button. You can remove items from your watch list by selecting "Watch Delete".

6. Bidding Items / Current Bids

Here is a list of auctions where you have placed bids. You can see your current status in the auction and whether "you are the highest bidder" or if "you have been outbid".

7. Notice Setting

Change your settings here if you would like to receive an update for items you are bidding on or watching.

8. Results / Bidding Results

Here are the auctions that you have placed bid in that have ended. You can see your status in these auctions to see whether "you won" or "you didn't win". You can delete auctions from this list by pressing the "Delete From This Page" button.

9. Place Order

Here is a list of the auctions you have won. Simply click "Add this to Shopping Cart", and start to the order process.

10. Order Status

Click here to see the status of your current and previous orders.

11. Close Account

If you would like to close your Mandarake account this is where you can do it. Please be aware that if you do cancel your account, you will not be able to recover any information from it later.
Help - Closing Your Account

Last Updated: 18 November 2020