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Some of the features of the mail order My Page and the auction My Page are a little different. Here we look at what you can do on the mail order My Page. Click here for the auction My Page guide.
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1. Cart

Here you can see all of the items that are currently in your shopping cart. Items from different Mandarake stores do not ship together so they are shown in different carts.
How to Buy on Mandarake - Searching for Items and Shopping
How to Buy on Mandarake - Checking Out

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2. Order Status

This is where you can see the status of all of your orders. If your order has shipped, you'll be able to find its tracking information here also.
How to Buy on Mandarake - Tracking Your Items

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3. Search History

Your previous search terms are stored here so you can quickly look for similar items in the future. Your most recent search terms are at the top of the list.
You can clear this list at any time by clicking on "Clear Search History".
This feature can be turned on and off by clicking 'Save Search History' or 'Do Not Save Search History'.

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4. Favorite List

Here is a list of the items you have adived to your favourite list.

You can remove items from your this list by selecting 'Delete' or put them in your cart by clicking 'Cart'.

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5. Alert List

Here you can register for email notifications when certain items come in. This will help you to avoid missing out on some of your favorite items!
Mandarake Alerts - Getting Notified About New Items

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6. Edit Information / Edit Registered Information

This is where you can confirm and update your user information.
You can also change your password here.
Help - Resetting Your Password

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7. Close Account

If you would like to close your Mandarake account this is where you can do it. Please be aware that if you do cancel your account, you will not be able to recover any information from it later.
Help - Closing Your Account

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Last Updated: 2 July 2019