Auction FAQ

What is the difference between BIG WEB AUCTION and EVERYDAY AUCTION?
BIG WEB AUCTION is held every 2 months (6 times a year).
Each time with a special hardcopy copy catalog "MANDARAKE ZENBU" being published.
EVERYDAY AUCTION is being held everyday.
No hardcopy catalog. Each store location will list their own items.
Won items will be processed by that specific store.
EVERYDAY AUCTION participation fee is not required.
$5 participation fee or purchasing the hardcopy catalog "ZENBU" is required to participate BIG WEB AUCTION.
I'm not registered, can I participate?
To participate either auctions, you need to be registered.
I have an ID for Mandarake Online Store, can I use the same ID?
Yes, you can use the same User ID.
But before you can bid on any of the items, we need you to authenticate your account through the "Authentication" page after logging in to "Mypage". You'll only need to authenticate your account once.

User ID can be used for both EVERYDAY AUCTION and BIG WEB AUCTION.
What does "Normal" Auction Style means?
"Normal" Auction Style is absentee bid format.
There is another "LIVE" Auction Style.
For details about "LIVE" Auction Stlye, please refer here.
What is bid increments?
Amount that is lower than the bid increments is not acceptable.
Example: If the bid increments is "1,000Yen", you are not able to bid with amount like "500Yen" or "1,010yen".
Acceptable bids will be "1,000Yen", "2,000Yen" and so on.
What is the minimum bid?
Bid increment depends on the current price for "LIVE" Auction Style items.
For details about "LIVE" Auction Stlye, please refer here.
Is the any time extension for the auction?
For "Normal" Style Auction, ending time will be extended by 5 minutes if any bid is placed within 5 minutes from the ending time.(maximum 2 hours)
For "LIVE" Style Auction, ending time will be extended by 15 seconds if any bid is placed within 15 seconds from the ending time.(no limitation)
I mistaken the bidding price! Please retract/cancel my bid!
Sorry but no retraction or cancelation of placed bids are accepted.
Is there any other charges/fees other than the winning bid?
For BIG WEB AUCTION, there is participation fee or requirement for a purchase of the hardcopy catalog.
Additionally, there will be a auction handling fee(winning bid x 10%) included in the final invoice.
For EVERYDAY AUCTION, there will be no extra charges or fees.
For both auctions, shipping fee will be charged.
We offer EMS/DHL/Registered SAL small packet shipping methods.(Some countries may not accept some methods.)
Insurance and tracking will be included for safe delivery.
*EMS Insurance fee will be free.
*DHL Insurance fee will 2500yen.
*Registered SAL will only have limited insurance of 6,000Yen and will take longer time to process.
What payment method is available? When is the payment deadline?
We accept Credit Card(VISA/MasterCard) and PayPal online payments.
*PayPal payment will not be available for adult related materials.
*PayPal eChecks are not acceptable.
For EVERYDAY AUCTION, payment is due 10 days from the end of the auction.
For BIG WEB AUCTION, payment is due by the end of the same month of the auction.
What is + 5K Yen?
Sometimes we have too many zeros (0) and make it hard to read the price.
Therefore we shorten it with "K", which means "Thousand" (shorten from Kilo)
1K = 1 thousand = 1,000
10K = 10 thousand = 10,000
100K = 100 thousand = 100,000
Do you take consignments for the online auctions?

We currently only take consignments from domestic customers.