Customs, Duties, Taxes

International Shipping

Undervalue and Customs Declarations

Please be aware that we will not undervalue packages to avoid international taxes and charges.

We generally ship orders as "gift package" to avoid complicated customs procedures at the destination countries.
Since most orders from Mandarake are for personal use, the items are shipped this way.
Customs regulations may vary by country, so please leave a request note of how you would like to declare your package in the comment section when you place an order. This way, we will be able to manually switch the shipping document of your package as long as it does not deviate from the customs regulation.


Items purchased on the Mandarake website that are sent internationally are exempt from Japanese sales tax (10% as of October 2019). This means that prices may differ when compared to the Japanese version of the online store.

As our items are being sent from Japan, you may have to pay import taxes, customs duties etc.
These fees are decided by your country's tax office and/or post office. These fees are not included with the shipping cost, and you will need to pay these when your item arrives.
It is not possible for us to know how much you may have to pay, please contact your local tax office or post office before ordering to check for potential fees.

Domestic Shipping

Items purchased on the Mandarake website that are sent domestically are subject to Japanese sales tax (10% as of October 2019).
If you are using the English or Chinese version of the website and request delivery in Japan, please be aware that the price of items will rise when your order is updated.

If an item is purchased and you request for it to be picked up in store (this option is not always available so be sure to contact the store directly before ordering), this will also be subject to Japanese sales tax.
Please be aware that there is no tax-free option in this case.

If you are unsure about anything or have a question about a specific item, you can contact each store directly using the inquiry form.

Last Updated: 27 June 2019