Auction Help - Bidding in Live Auctions

Placing Bids on Live Auctions

Once the Live Auction starts, the current item will displayed in the center of the page (2) and will also be shown at the top of the Live Auction Item List (1).
The current price will be shown under the item (4).
When a bid is placed, the auction time is extended by 15 seconds. When there are 10 seconds remaining, the background will flash red.
Bids will also show in the timeline (3).
There are two ways to bid on the item: the minimum bid (6) and higher than the minimum bid (5).

Minimum Bid Button (6)
Press this button to place a bid for the minimum amount. This amount is shown on the button. This will vary depending on the current price (4).

Increased Bid Buttons (5)
Press these buttons to the bid that amount higher than the Minimum Bid Button. For example if the current price is 10,000 yen, pressing the 5,000 yen button will place a bid for 15,000 yen.
Example Auction
The current price 10,000 Yen
Selecting 5,000 yen will place a 15,000 yen bid on the item.
If there is no higher bidder at that time, the current price will show as 10,500 yen (the minimum bid).

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Bid Increments

As the auction goes on and the current price increases, so do the bidding increments.
The current bid increment is shown on the minimum bid button.

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About the Current Highest Bidder

If you are the current highest bidder, the background of the current price will turn "yellow". The timeline will also show that "You are the current highest bidder".
If another bidder places a higher bid, the background for the current price will return to "white" in color. The timeline will also show that "Another bidder has the current highest bid".

If the background is not "yellow" you are not winning the auction.

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Placing Absentee Bids

If there is an item that you are interested in but will not be able to view the Live Auction, you can place an absentee bid before the auction starts.
There is no maximum bid, but you will have to place your bid in line with the bid increments.
You may increase the amount of your absentee bid, but cancelations and retractions are not allowed.
Click here for a guide to absentee bidding works.

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Last Updated: 14 Febuary 2023