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About Mandarake Live Auctions

Live Auctions are a style of Mandarake auction which gives the thrill of being in a real auction room right from your own computer.
Auctioned items will be listed one after another and all bidders will bid on them in real-time.
Depending on the current price, the bid increments may vary.
Unlike normal auction which use the Absentee Bidding system, items in Live Auctions come out one at a time (with a maximum of two at once) so you can really focus and grab the item you want.
Live Auctions are usually used for the Big Web Auction but also are used from time to time for the Everyday Auctions.
Bids in Live Auctions cannot be cancelled in any case, so please be careful when bidding.
If you have never bid on an online auction before, please read our guide to bidding in online auctions. It will help explain how auctions work and how outcomes are determined (including why you may still not win an auction even though the amount you bid is the same as the winning bid amount).
● Live Auctions Stage

The Live Auction Screen

1. Live Auction Item List

The list of items that will be auctioned. The item at the top of the screen is the current item.

2. Current Item

The item which is currently being bid on.

3. Auction Timeline

This shows the status of listings, bids, when items are sold and new items start. It also shows a time warning when bidding for the current item is going to end. The timeline also contains important messages if an auction is paused or similar.

4. Current Price

The amount the winner will pay (not including shipping costs and handling fee*) if the auction ends now.

5. Increased Bid Buttons

Pressing these will bid higher than the minimum bid. For example if the current price is 10,000 yen, pressing the 5,000 yen button will place a bid for 15,000 yen.

6. Minimum Bid Button

Pressing this will bid the amount shown on the button, the minimum bid.

7. Your Bid

The amount that you have bid.

8. Time Remaining

This bar shows the amount of time left until bidding on this item ends.

9. Item Information

Information about the item that is currently being bid on.

* Items won in the Big Web Auction also incur a 10% handling charge (winning bid x 10%), so please take note of this when deciding how much to bid.

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Accessing the Live Auction Page

You can access the page from
"Click here for the Mandarake Zenbu Big Web Live Auction"
links on our auction page as shown below


Clicking on either of the link should prompt you to the following screen

Please note, the following page is NOT the live acution page.

The page is used for Absentee Bidding

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Last Updated: 6 November 2022